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A Pink Unicorn Comes to Town

Winslow Arizona’s historic district sees a ton of motorcycle traffic, but rarely does a motorcycle catch the eye of passers-by quite like the one found parked in front of Route 66 Plaza Park last week, one sporting a pink unicorn, tons of bling, and a lovely lady rider.

Tommie’s 2014 Yamaha Star Venture

Tommie and her pink yamaha

As you can see, Tommie does not do things in an ordinary way.

Pink Star Venture motorcycle
Tommie on her Pink Unicorn in Winslow Arizona

For her:

I wanted a bike you would see when riding down the highway, not one that blended in with other vehicles, so for one it’s a safety feature and two it reflects who I am and shows everyone, it’s okay to be different or to stand out.  Even at my age. It’s your bike, make it yours.    

The Pink Unicorn... Yamaha Star Venture

During the winter months, her husband Alan takes off a piece at a time for Tommie to bedazzle with Swarovski crystals.

She also added poetry and meaningful phrases and art to her motorcycle.

Even Tommie’s nails match her pink Yamaha.

Pink fingernails to match her pink unicorn motorcycle

While Tommie’s motorcycle draws a ton of attention, the story is more than just a pink unicorn of a bike. It’s about a family riding together.

The Morris Family

The Morris family doesn’t do things the ordinary way. For their latest family adventure, they decided to take a motorcycle road trip, each one riding their own bike.

Our family is much like the one next door except we would rather ride than drive.

the morris family

On the trip, Dad Alan–the lone male…

Alan and his Yamaha motorcycle

Of course Mom Tommie, who started riding in her mid-fifties…

Tommie and her Yamaha motorcycle

And daughters Krystal and Laura, along with three of Laura’s friends.


Daughter Krystal (26) has been riding only three months, and yet here she is, riding across the country on her Yamaha.

Krystal and her Yamaha motorcycle

While she did have a problem on a challengingly steep gravel road in California and dropped the bike, she didn’t let that deter her. With the help of her dad, Krystal got right back on. Riding through Mt. Ranier, she said, was like riding through the middle of a cloud. That’s something you just don’t experience in a car.

The Trip

The route for this family adventure came from Tommie. She’d often trekked from Washington (where she’d lived) to California (where her mother lived), and once she started riding motorcycles, knew it was a trip she wanted to make on two wheels.

They left their home in Oklahoma, rode to Spokane and down the coast, then into Arizona. From the Grand Canyon area, Alan, Tommie, and Krystal pushed on to Winslow, eager to Stand on the Corner, while Laura and her friends stayed behind to see some sights.

Arriving in Winslow

By the time the Morris family rolled into Winslow, they’d covered 4400 miles from Seminole to Spokane, and were on their way back to Oklahoma.

The Morris Family in Winslow Arizona

During the ride, they encountered everything from golf-ball-sized hail in Texas where they hid behind road signs, to freezing cold weather, to the blazing heat of 111 degrees. But that’s all part of experiencing the road on two wheels.

Our family prefers to experience life rather than read about it.  I’ve a favorite saying which may sum it up “you only live once and you’ll never pass this way again….Live Your Life.”

So do like Tommie says: Go out and Live your life. The Morris family certainly is.

Until next time…

Take it Easy

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