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Christian Veterinary Mission

On first glance, this Flatbed Ford full of grinning college students might seem as if they’re spending the summer break simply playing around.

Christian Veterinary Mission in the Flatbed Ford in Winslow Arizona.

But they are doing so much more. The group dedicated their summer to a cause they’re passionate about:


Christian Veterinary Mission helping a dog on the reservation.

Through Christian Veterinary Missions, these twenty-one veterinary students from the University of Georgia, University of Auburn, Lincoln Memorial, and Western spent a couple of weeks at the Navajo and Apache Reservations doing small and large animal surgeries and vaccines under the guidance of veterinarian Dr. Mary Peter and Dr. Billy Myers.

Christian Veterinary Mission doing surgery on reservation

Animal care isn’t the group’s only mission though.

Christian Veterinary Mission

Christian Veterinary Mission exists to share the love of Christ through veterinary medicine. Working in communities worldwide, CVM equips and encourages veterinary professionals and students to build relationships with others through the use of their veterinary knowledge and skills so that lives are transformed.

From the CVM Website

The transformations come not only for the animals and their owners but also for students like…


Anna Studebaker, a third-year veterinary student from the University of Georgia wanted to give back to the less privileged communities across the country, so volunteered her summer to the Christian Veterinary Mission.

 We are so blessed to be in these communities helping those around us.  We hope that our veterinary care for the animals and our relations with the people make lasting impacts. 

Anna Studebaker
Christian Veterinary Mission on a hike
Jennifer Warner, Lara Theis, Ashley Dunnigan, Anna Studebaker, and Amanda Chase

While witnessing animal neglect can be challenging, Anna understands people must first care for themselves and their children before their pets. That’s why volunteering her services means so much to her, not only to help animals get much-needed care but to give her a better understanding of herself.

 It is a deeply emotional experience that changes your appreciation for your life.

Anna Studebaker
Christian Veterinary Mission the full group.

The experience has also been transforming for…


Lara Colombo from Cape May, NJ plans on owning her own small animal practice after graduating from UGA, but that isn’t the only contribution she hopes to make in the world.

Christian Veterinary Mission examining a dog

As a veterinary student, I have a passion to care for animals but that is not the main reason I came on this trip. We as Christ followers are called to go out to make disciples and share the Good News of Gospel and that is what CVMs main goal is.

Lara Colombo

The mutual love of animals can often be the thing that connects people.

Christian Veterinary Mission with small kiten

The biggest challenge I always face on this trip is hearing the stories of pain and heart ache the people I encounter have and are still going through. My heart breaks for these people and I see such a need for hope and love here.

Lara Colombo
Christian Veterinary Mission with puppy

Changing Lives through Love

The experience of helping out on the reservations impacts every student and doctor, changing them in ways they might not have imagined.

Yes we are doctors but our main focus is loving on the people we meet. And after hearing their stories, struggles, and praying over them you are changed. We are so blessed to live where we do, to have all our essential needs met, to never go to sleep hungry or thirsty and yet a lot of these people can’t say the same thing. When you get in the midst of the poverty and pray for these people God opens up your eyes to the need to truly love our neighbor and to live that out. We are called to be the Hands and feet of Jesus and if we aren’t going out and serving those in need of hearing and seeing Gods love then can we really say that we are truly loving our neighbors?  

Lara Colombo

A Stop in Winslow

The Christian Veterinary Mission students stopped in Winslow as they traveled from the Navajo Nation to the Apache Youth Ministries in Whiteriver, because…

Winslow is a very cute town; I have visited AZ multiple times and we always go by Winslow! It’s a staple and you just have to get a picture on the corner. 

Anna Studebaker

We are certainly glad they did.

Christian Veterinary Mission standing on a corner in Winslow Arizona.

Many thanks to the Standin’ on the Corner Foundation for allowing the girls to take their photo in the famous Flatbed Ford…

And to the veterinary students for visiting and for what you are doing to make animals and people happy, healthier, and more at peace. In closing, some wise words from Lara:

Love your neighbor. If you see a need and you can meet that need, do so. 

Lara Colombo

Until next time…

Take it Easy!

Christian Veterinary Mission standing on a corner in Winslow Arizona.

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