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Route 66 on a Harley-Davidson

Two-lanes stretching into the horizon. The wind in their hair. The freedom. Experiencing American road travel the way it used to be. All of these things appealed to Tombstone area residents Don and Sandra Alexander when planning their month long motorcycle ride across the country. Nothing sounded better than traveling Route 66 on a Harley-Davidson.

We chose Route 66 because it is the most iconic and scenic road across America. Plus both of us had traveled the route as youngsters with our vacationing parents from Missouri to Arizona and California.

Sandra Johnsey-Alexander

After a 300 mile ride on their 2018 Harley-Davidson Heritage, they arrived in Winslow Arizona, the first overnight stop on their adventure.

The Eagles song of course which popularized the famous Winslow corner began the attraction. Coming into the town, instead of staying on the Interstate 40 Highway, we found a nice little community filled with interesting, warm and inviting people.

They enjoyed the community so much, they ended up staying a second night at Earl’s Motor Court, a classic Route 66 motel recently purchased by a couple of Winslow locals. They loved the handmade quilt on the bed and the kindness of the owner who—while they were out touring—made a ramp so the couple could pull the motorcycle out of the rain.

Earl’s Route 66 Motor Court was great find for us. We found a “step back in time” representing the true spirit of the Route 66 bygone era.

The Road Ahead

Their next stop was Gallup, where they met a group of Harley-Davidson riders from Europe, also seeing Route 66 on a Harley-Davidson. It’s one of the many unique aspects of exploring the Mother Road, meeting others sharing the same adventure, swapping road stories, and enjoying the slower pace of what American travel once was.

Over the next few weeks, the couple will journey back to their hometowns in Missouri, stopping along the way to visit with family and friends, and of course exploring all that Route 66 has to offer.

Three days into our trip we are already looking forward to stops we want to make on our return route.

Happy Trails to Don and Sandra!

No doubt your Route 66 adventure will be filled with fun and smiles and lots of memories. Thank you for making Winslow one of your stops and for sending pictures along the way!

Until next time…

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