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Route 66 Shiner

Yep. I said Shiner. Not Shriner. I’m breaking away from my usual style with this article. Instead of telling you all kinds of detail and background on a Winslow visitor, I’m going to let the photos tell the story–frankly because that’s all I have. I was heading out of town, and so were they, so we had a quick encounter and went our separate ways. But the pictures are too much fun not to put on Winslow.Town. I mean, come on! A Route 66 Shiner is hilarious!

Man sporting a Route 66 Shiner in Winslow Arizona.

The Cars

So as I said, I was on my way to Flagstaff to watch Tommy Dukes play, and just as I pulled onto Kinsley I saw three classics on the corner and had to stop. First I photographed the eye-poppin-peach Nash, Flyn’ Pig.

Then I crossed the street to the gorgeous red Ford Roadster.

Red Ford Roadster in Winslow Arizona
Couple in Red Ford Roadster in Winslow Arizona

Lastly, I hit the ‘32 Ford, the car most my style.

1932 Ford in Winslow Arizona

The Short Conversation

A man walked up to the car, so I asked if it was his ‘32, and he said nope, he was just the passenger. He and his other car buddies were on a little road trip from Albuquerque and figured they’d stop at the corner.

1932 Ford in Winslow Arizona

As we were talking, I couldn’t help but notice Sid’s shiner. (I think his name was Sid. Didn’t have my notebook.) The story came across that Pat, the owner of the ’32, slugged him over something to do with his wife.

Sid and Pat laughing inside cab of 1932 Ford.

Somehow I think these clowns were pullin’ my leg.

Pat and Sid in the '32 Ford, Sid sporting a shiner.

Anyway, thanks for the laugh and for bringing your gorgeous cars to town. I did manage to slip Sid a Winslow.Town card, so hey! If you’re reading this and want to tell the real story behind the shiner (or to correct names if I got them wrong) drop me a line!

1932 Ford in Winslow Arizona

Until Next Time…

Take it Easy

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