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The Buzzard Tour

When Tom Jones was thirteen, the movie Easy Rider made a huge impact on him. He swore someday he would take an epic road trip like his hero, Peter Fonda (minus the tragedy of course).

Tom’s dream finally came true. To celebrate the 50th anniversary of his favorite film, he created a Captain America bike of his own-using a 2001 Evo with pan-head covers and a Paco frame–and started to plan his adventure.

Captain America bike part of the Buzzard tour

When he told his pal Bebo what he wanted to do, Bebo said:

“I’ll bring the bus!”

The Captain America bike with the Bus on the Buzzard Tour

The two convinced their friend Gary to come along for the grand adventure–three stooges–I mean, pals (his joke, not mine)–traveling across the country.

Me, Bebo, Gary, with Tom taking the photo.

And so…

The Buzzard Tour was Born

The Buzzard Tour, Bebo, with his old bus

As for Bebo’s 1954 Chevrolet School Bus… it defies description. I’ll let the photos speak for themselves.

After a year and a half of planning, the Aubry Texas men loaded up the trailer with a couple more bikes and headed out, three pals ready for whatever the road threw their way–with the Captain America bike leading the way.

Captain America replica bike leading bus through Winslow Arizona

They rolled into Winslow Sunday morning around 9:30 am and created quite a stir in the Historic Entertainment District. Bebo handed people markers and asked them to sign his bus. The men have such infectious energy, the crowd couldn’t help but get sucked in.

I of course had to leave my mark as well.

Lori wuz here signature on bus with 66 motor palace sticker

No surprise the bikes in the trailer were equally as interesting.

The Road Goes On

The trio originally planned for a five-week trip from Texas to California and on to the Florida Keys, but considering they’ve only made it to Arizona, it looks like the adventure will go on a bit longer–partially because everyone wants to stop and check out the crazy combo. But that’s okay. The retired men don’t need to back in Texas any time soon. Tom’s philosophy on the trip?

“We want to live what life we have left.”

Tom Jones

Follow Along

Bebo loves Facebook live. If you want to follow their adventure across the country, shoot him a friend request. Next stop for them? Durango Colorado. If you see the Buzzard Tour on the road, give them a wave and cheer them on.

Many thanks for stopping in Winslow and making everyone around you smile.

Until next time…

Take it Easy!

And many thanks to Tommy Dukes for calling through my door to “Grab your camera and get out here!” … Even though I’d just rolled out of bed. If you see something fun or know of something cool coming, be sure to let me know!


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