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Traffic Stopping 1960 Corvette

One of the things I love about Winslow’s Corner is the camaraderie formed between visitors. A few days ago, as I was heading from the Motor Palace to the Mercantile to get back to our renovating, a gorgeous 1960 Corvette pulled up and parked at the corner. The solo driver jumped out and ran to the opposite corner, camera in hand.

I pulled out my iPhone and grabbed a photo, and once he got his shot, I offered to take his photo with the car.

During that time, a crowd began to gather.

Everyone wanted to take their picture with the Vette, and Chuck obliging let them.

He even told them to get in the car.

1960 Corvette in Winslow AZ on Route 66

One after another, people posed with this gorgeous 1960 Corvette, some even asking Chuck to pose with them.

1960 Corvette in Winslow AZ on Route 66

Local bluesman Tommy Dukes, of course, wanted in on the action.

And hammed it up in classic Tommy style.

The 1960 Corvette

In 1967, Chuck’s dad bought the car for 785 dollars and it has been in the family ever since. Sadly, I didn’t get Chuck’s information, other than he lives in Albuquerque so don’t have any more details than that. All I know is, I’m glad he chose to stop on our corner and brighten everyone’s day.

1960 Corvette in Winslow AZ on Route 66

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