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Traveling Route 66 in a 1948 Plymouth

When you drive a top-of-the-line 1948 Plymouth Special Deluxe, there is no such thing as a quick trip to the store–not because the car is slow or can’t make it, but because everyone wants to ask questions and take pictures. Drive that classic car on a classic road like Route 66, and the appeal quadruples.

1948 Buick drives through Winslow Arizona on Route 66

It’s fairly common to see 60s era cars on the road, but spotting a 40s beauty like this one is a rare sight, one we were lucky enough to witness cruising Winslow’s Route 66. As Brenda said:

At a car show there are thousands of cars to look at, but seeing them on the road is a different thing and people get excited by it.

David and Brenda fully understand why people are curious. They never get annoyed or impatient with the barrage of questions and photos because they love chatting with folks about their car. In fact, that’s part of the appeal for them: Meeting people from all over the world who, like them, love classic American travel. The Plymouth is the perfect conversation starter.

Steering wheel of 1948 Plymouth

On the Road in a 1948 Plymouth

The Plymouth is powered by a ‘77 Buick 403. David knew he wanted to tour the full length of Route 66 in this car, and needed an engine that could handle it.

David and Brenda at the beginning of Route 66 in Chicago

Late April, the Missouri couple left Springfield and headed east to Chicago, where they got caught in a snowstorm that dropped eight inches.

1948 Plymouth in the snow in Chicago

But that didn’t stop them from pushing west in their 1948 Plymouth. Weather is just another part of the adventure.

1948 Plymouth in Winslow AZ

So far on their journey (one that will last two months), they’ve had no mechanical issues—although they did have a parking lot hit-and-run that crushed the left rear fender—heart-breaking for sure, but they refused to let the incident put a damper on their adventure.

1948 Plymouth dent

The Slow Road

David and Brenda are taking their time on this trip. In fact one day, they went only twenty-five miles. They don’t want to rush and miss the opportunity to make connections with other travelers.

1948 Plymouth hood ornament

They love seeing people’s faces light up when they spot the Plymouth and even turn their cameras away from the glory of nature. One man at the Painted Desert said, Who needs a picture of the Painted Desert when you’ve got a ‘48 Plymouth in front of you!

1948 Plymouth in Winslow AZ

Of course, packing for a two-month journey in a car with little trunk is a bit of a challenge, but David and Brenda found a creative solution by turning their backseat into a closet. Diggin’ the Hawaiian shirt collection there, David!

Standin’ on A Corner

They of course had to stop in Winslow Arizona to stand on the famous corner, because no Route 66 trip is complete without taking that iconic photo. After grabbing their picture with the statue, they toured the La Posada and ate lunch (while waiting out the sudden rain storm!), and then came back to the corner to get this shot with their beloved Plymouth over one shoulder, and the Flatbed Ford over the other.

David and Brenda standin’ on a corner in Winslow AZ

The Next Generation

Some may think the appeal of Route 66 is generational, but if you think about it, young people actually have more awareness of the Route thanks to Disney’s Cars movie. And now that those kids are growing up, they want to see the famous road for themselves. Just ask David and Brenda. During an Easter family gathering, a great-niece and a great-nephew (cousins) who will soon be graduating asked for a special gift: A grand Route 66 adventure in a classic car with David and Brenda.

The Famous Corner in Winslow Arizona with Route 66  Shield

David of course has the perfect car in mind, his latest project car, a 1964 Ford Galaxie 500xl convertible with a 429 mustang engine.

When David and Brenda are through with it, the Galaxie will be returned to its original turquoise and white—the perfect vehicle to share the backroads of America with the next generation.

We look forward to seeing them pass through Winslow again in two years. For now, safe travels!

1948 Plymouth crossing the route 66 shield at Winslow Arizona’s famous corner.

Until next time ,

Take it Easy

Update from the road: They made it to Santa Monica, and are now in San Francisco! Boy, what a journey they are on. And yes… people are still stopping them to take pictures.

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