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Vow Renewal on the Corner

In addition to the abundance of red white and blue on the corner for this 4th of July… there was also some enchanting cream-colored lace and heartfelt words about love and social justice.

 James and Elizabeth Bircher vow renewal on Winslow Arizona's corner

Five years ago, stagehands James and Elizabeth Bircher wed in San Antonio and made a joke which became a promise that:

“…every five years, somewhere, James and Elizabeth would renew their vows in the presence of family and friends.”

From the Bircher’s Vows
Vow Renewal on the Corner

For their first five-year vow renewal, they came to Winslow Arizona, where some family members who missed the wedding live. For the short ceremony officiated by Mrs. Sarah Smithson…

Officiant Sarah Smithson  Vow Renewal on the Corner

Vow Renewal on the Corner

James and Elizabeth gathered on Winslow’s famous corner, on the spot of a stone purchased by Elizabeth’s mother, Marianne Richardson, a teacher at Winslow High School.

Vow Renewal on the Corner in WInslow Arizona
Vow Renewal on the Corner James and Elizabeth Bircher with son Paul
Elizabeth and James with their son Paul

The stone reads:

“Tis better to light a candle than curse the darkness.”

Vow Renewal on the Corner stone that says It's better to light a candle than to curse the darkness

Instead of reciting traditional romantic vows, they focused instead on their shared promise to the:

“…care of the needy, stewardship of the planet, upholding the rights of workers, and defending democracy by supporting a free press and fair elections.”

James and Elizabeth Bircher Vow Renewal on the Corner

Five Down, Onto the Next Five

The Bircher’s are already planning their ten-year vow renewal and have a couple of ideas they’re pondering:

Either the Faroe Islands in the North Atlantic where the sun doesn’t set in the summer, or in the penguin exhibit at the Kansas City Zoo.

Vow Renewal on the Corner

We are just glad they chose to Stand on a Corner in Winslow Arizona for their first of–I’m sure–many five-year vow renewals. Have a wonderful 4th of July and a truly magical anniversary.

James and Elizabeth Bircher standing on a corner in Winslow Arizona

Until next time…

Take it Easy

Glenn Frey Vow Renewal on the Corner James and Elizabeth Bircher

Many thanks to Ashley at Arizona 66 Trading Company for tipping me off! If you see something cool in Winslow’s Historic District, let me know!

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