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Winslow Corner Connections

What do a family traveling back to Oklahoma from a San Francisco road trip, a man doing a cross country tour to raise diabetes awareness, a wilderness You Tuber, and a guy riding a Goldwing from Las Vegas back to Texas all have in common? Yep. You guessed it.

The desire to stand on a Corner in Winslow Arizona.

Winslow Corner Connections

Winslow Corner Connections

On May 23rd, around 1:30 in the afternoon, these strangers connected on the famous corner and shared road experiences.

Rex Covington

Winslow Corner Connections

In 2015, Fort Worth resident Rex Covington’s diabetic son blacked out while driving and died in a fiery car wreck. He was only thirty-seven years old. Rex knows he couldn’t have prevented his son’s death, but still wanted to help in some way. The idea of raising money for the American Diabetes Association came to him in a dream: To ride around the country spreading awareness. He put that dream that into action.

Journey along with me on the ride of my life, as I travel around the country on my motorcycle, raising awareness. My goal is to raise that $90,000.00 in one year.  See the incredible roads I travel and the amazing people I meet along the way—working at events, recording videos, and taking photos!

You can follow his Website, by clicking this link.

Rex brought his message to Winslow’s corner, spreading the word to:

The Peerry Family

Winslow Corner Connections

No, that’s not a typo. Their name really is spelled with two ees and two rrs. The Peerry’s traveled from their home in Oklahoma to San Francisco for a pinball convention–a passion of their son’s. They are now headed back to Oklahoma but HAD to take time off the freeway to stand on a corner in Winslow Arizona.

The Peerry’s weren’t the only ones Rex connected with. He also got to meet a fellow YouTuber.

Skeet Lassiter

When Winslow resident Skeet Lassiter saw one of his fellow YouTubers would be coming through town, he couldn’t miss the opportunity to meet in real life. They planned a meeting at the corner.

Winslow Corner Connections

Skeet’s YouTube channel has over 94,000 subscribers. You can learn all kinds of things about different wilderness gear, reviews, and overnight trips. If you love outdoor adventure, check out his channel.

Rex and Skeet also began chatting with:

Rod Cochran

Winslow Corner Connections

It’s a simple fact: Motorcyclists like chatting with other motorcyclists, so of course Rod (riding a Honda Goldwing) and Rex (on a Harley-Davidson Road Glide) struck up a conversation. Turns out, they live near one another in Texas–Rod in Carrollton. He rode to Las Vegas to visit his daughter and is on his way home now but had to:

“Stop to get a picture with my buddy.”

Trio of men Winslow Corner Connections

That buddy, of course, stands in bronze on Winslow’s Famous Corner. Looks like Rod now has a couple of other buddies as well, all thanks to Winslow’s Corner Connections.

Thank you all for stopping!

We wish you well on your respective journeys home.

Until next time…

Take It Easy

Winslow Corner Connections
Are they dancing? Or running from traffic? You be the judge!

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