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Pictures and Stories from Winslow Arizona’s Historic Entertainment District!

Winslow has a lot to be proud of: The corner that never sleeps. The history. The stories of the travelers passing through. The growing number of businesses. And the people who make it all happen.

The E-Magazine

I love hearing about why people travel Route 66 and stop in Winslow. Over the years, so many great tales have been told, like the father/daughter road trip from Ohio to California, a chance to bond before dropping her off at her new college. Or the Wounded Warrier group who thundered into town on Harley-Davidsons. Or the man driving his vintage trailer pulled by a ’48 Ford truck, Shop Therapy, a truck he built to deal with cancer treatments. His goal was to get well enough to finish the truck and drive it on Route 66. He accomplished that goal.

These are stories I listened to but didn’t write. Didn’t even find out their names. And they are the kind of stories I want to tell.

In this online magazine, you’ll find not only those kinds of articles but articles on all the great things happening in the Historic Entertainment District, from the attractions and businesses; to events and stories about our locals and visitors.

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The links below are examples of the type of articles you’ll find on Winslow.Town.

Winslow: A City in Motion

Thanks to the dedication of “10,000 Friendly Faces,” Winslow has become a “Must See” Route 66 attraction. From the Standin’ on the Corner Foundation, to the resurrection of the historic Harvey House the La Posada Hotel, to the beautification of the Historic Entertainment District, Winslow is indeed a City in Motion.

Editor Lori Bentley Law

I had a wonderful twenty-four-year career as a photojournalist for NBC Los Angeles, a job that took me around the world and introduced me to a vast array of people. It even put a couple of Emmys on my shelf. Check out my website if you want to know more.

In 2018, I retired from the news business to move back to my home state of Arizona. Now, I can see my parents in Lakeside more often and focus on our two renovation projects in Winslow: The 66 Motor Palace and the Motor Palace Mercantile.


The Motor Palace Mercantile is now open for business!

In addition to Quality Goods and Curiosities, the Mercantile will also be the headquarters for Winslow.Town. We’re located right across from the Old Trails Museum next to the Standin’ on the Corner park at 213 N. Kinsley Ave. Come say hi! In the meantime, check out the website and follow on Facebook and Instagram to see new product as it comes in!

For my husband Brian and me, Winslow feels more like home than any place we’ve lived. The people and history make this place special. Through this magazine, we hope to share what’s happening with anyone curious about the town made famous by a song.

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