Standin’ on a Corner

It began with a song.

I’m sure you know the one I’m talking about. Go ahead and sing along…

Well I’m standin’ on a corner in Winslow Arizona, such a fine sight to see… It’s a girl my lord in a flatbed Ford slowing down to take a look at me.

Album Cover from the Eagles

Take it Easy was the first single released by the Eagles on May 1st, 1972, written by Jackson Browne and Glenn Frey. The song was a huge hit and put Winslow—which had suffered from the Route 66 bypass in the seventies—back on the map.

Standin on a Corner in Winslow Arizona

All thanks to a simple song lyric.

Standin’ on a Corner

People from all around the world stop to wrap their arms around the statues and take their pictures on the famous corner with the flatbed Ford. Check out the Instagram Hashtag and you’ll see.

Instagram photos of people Standin on a Corner in Winslow Arizona

You can read the full history of how the park came to be on the Standin’ On The Corner Foundation’s website by…

Clicking this link.

Say hello to Winslow!

Next time you’re driving on the I-40 across Northern Arizona, take a detour through Winslow so you too can say you were Standin’ on a Corner in Winslow Arizona. While you’re here, grab some food, do a little shopping, and take a tour of the incredible La Posada Hotel.

And of course, hashtag your photos so we can see too.

Until next time…

Take it Easy

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