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Flagstaff Mayor Coral Evans: Not Just a Corner

Flagstaff Mayor Coral Evans is a whirlwind of energy, a leader who understands the importance of historic preservation and community revitalization. After eight years on the city council, the third-generation Flagstaff resident ran for mayor and won. She’s now on her second term. Thrive-ability is big with Mayor Evans, something she sees happening in Winslow.

I cannot count on my hands the many times that I have gone to Winslow and stood on the corner and taken a picture.  It’s a fun thing to do and I know that I will continue to do it at random times throughout the year.   

Flagstaff Mayor Coral Evans

With this visit, though, Flagstaff Mayor Evans felt an energy she hadn’t experienced before.

I was mistaken in thinking that Winslow was just “the corner.”  Winslow has a dynamic group of individuals (natives and newcomers) that truly showcased (at least for me) the depth of what “is” Winslow. 

Flagstaff Mayor Coral Evans poses with Tommy Dukes, Todd Roth, and Lori Bentley Law in Winslow Arizona's Motor Palace.
Lori Bentley Law, Tommy Dukes, Todd Roth, and Mayor Coral Evans

Mayor Evans and friend Bernadine Lewis—Director of Undergraduate Studies at NAU’s Business school—came to Winslow at the invite of Bluesman Tommy Dukes. Tommy cooked up ribs and beans and sweet potato pie and set up inside the Motor Palace for a little brunch.

In addition to much praise for Tommy’s delicious food, we talked about the efforts to promote, support, and encourage Route 66 travel. We also discussed the importance of historic preservation and community awareness.

Bluesman Tommy Dukes stands with Flagstaff Mayor Coral Evans

A Quick Tour

After brunch, once Tommy had set up to play his blues for the corner visitors, Mayor Evans and Ms. Lewis toured the historic district and met Winslow native Harold Soehner, who shared his vast knowledge of the community with her.

I learned so much about the history of the City from you and Harold and there seems to be a renaissance of a sort happening that not only looks good but “feels” exciting. 

Flagstaff Mayor Coral Evans, Bernadine Lewis, Lori Bentley Law, and Harold Soehner at the Sipp Shoppe in Winslow Arizona.

Mayor Evans and Ms. Lewis also toured the Haven and Sanctuary AirBnbs housed in the old church on Berry Street, marveling at the eclectic collections curated by Sondra Purcell.

From the beautiful old architecture of the homes just off of downtown to the surprising modern way old buildings are being redeveloped for new use, it’s just cool. I loved the vibe that I felt, a strange mix between grace and edginess,  nostalgic and futuristic and the realness the genuineness of the people that I met and spoke with. It’s definitely my kind of town and I look forward to spending more time there.

And we look forward to welcoming Mayor Evans and Ms. Lewis back.


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