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Happy 2020!

Welcome to 2020! I hope you’re having a beautiful, relaxing start to your new year. January 1st, I like to reflect back on the year and think of all the cool things that happened. This year was an especially eventful one.

In April of 2019, Winslow.Town came to life with a goal of sharing stories of both locals and visitors passing through Winslow’s Historic Entertainment District—like the family traveling with the Trach Monkey to honor their young friend Josh, the Buzzard Tour about three friends’ adventure in a wacky old school bus, the story of local bluesman Tommy Dukes, coverage of the first annual Laguna Days, and so many other special stories of people who chose to visit or live in Winslow.

January 1st, 2020

Even on this brisk first day of the year, people gathered on the corner to take their photo.

January 1, 2020 on the corner in Winslow Arizona.

Winslow continues to be a must-see destination on Route 66 and because of that, the business reach is expanding–like the soon to be Flatbed Ford Cafe on Kinsley, the expansion of Relic Road on 3rd Street, and the opening of our Mercantile on Kinsley.

2019 for Us

2019 proved to be an exciting year full of change for my husband Brian and me. We became full-time Winslow residents, Winslow.Town came into being, we renovated the storefront at 213 N. Kinsley, made big strides in turning the old pool hall we call home into a live-able space, and biggest of all, opened the doors of the Motor Palace Mercantile.

Motor Palace Mercantile 2020

Getting the business up and running, though, meant putting a temporary pause on Winslow.Town. Doing both proved to be impossible, especially running everything solo. I’ve missed watching the corner, meeting the people, and sharing the cool things happening in downtown Winslow.

But that is going to change!

Brian and Lori bringing in 2020

Going into 2020, Brian will now be involved in running the store, giving me more freedom to tell stories of the Historic Entertainment District, stop by events, and highlight the locals who make this place so special. And you can help. Because I no longer have an eye on the corner, if you see something interesting, hear of an intriguing visitor coming to town, or think of a story that should be told about something contributing to the downtown district, please let me know!

Add Winslow.Town into your contacts:

Or… Text or Call (928) 243-6607

You can also stop by Winslow.Town headquarters located at the Motor Palace Mercantile, 213 N. Kinsley Ave, across from the Old Trails Museum.

2020 is going to be an invigorating year for Winslow, I have no doubt. Think of the new year this way…

Today is Day 1 of a 365 Day Story. Make every moment count.

As Brian so eloquently said:

Happy 2020!


Until Next Time…

Take it Easy


  • Julee McKinney

    Staying in Winslow was one the best parts of a recent motorcycle trip my friend and I took. Lori and Brian have an amazing place and Lori was a great tour guide. We met some colorful and interesting locals and of course we had our pictures taken while standing on the corner.
    I’ll forever have great memories of staying in Winslow.
    I’ll be Back! For sure!

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