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Winslow Vets Come Home

For Larry and Mindy Lee Begay–who have twenty-one family members connected to the military–honoring veterans ranks high on their priorities. Their flag project, Desert View Flags for Veterans, assures the cemetery is blanketed in red white and blue every Memorial Day for Winslow Vets.

flags for vets at Winslow Desert View Cemetery

That’s not the only thing the couple does to make sure veterans are honored. They also provide the opportunity for Winslow Veterans to experience the epic Run for the Wall ride to Washington D.C. (Check out photos from when the group rode through Winslow en route.)

The reason why we ride is to remember what they did. What’s a little rain, what’s a little weather. What is there to fear, considering what they did over there.

Larry Begay

This year they were able to sponsor two vets, Lewis Yazzie and Hubert Yazzie.

winslow arizona veterans holding plaques

For Hubert:

“To go to the wall and touch a name…”

He couldn’t finish the thought. That’s how powerful it was for him.

Run for the Wall in DC

During the parade of motorcycles, Hubert and Lewis climbed on the back of the Begay’s Harley-Davidsons and got to experience the massive gathering of veterans as they rolled through the streets of D.C.

Here are some photos from their Facebook page.

Welcome Home

Thursday, May 30th, the city of Winslow welcomed the group home with lunch in the Route 66 Plaza Park.

Larry Begay shared with the crowd some of the details of their trip and gave the two veterans a framed commemorative flag with photos. The event even drew over a Winslow visitor, who walked by and saw the flags. He joined in to welcome his fellow veterans home. He also thanked Larry for the work he is doing.

Larry shaking hand with tourist, also a veteran.

Next Year

The Begay’s hope to take Veterans again next year. If you’re interested in helping them sponsor a vet, contact them through their Facebook page.

Group shot with the veterans, the riders, and representatives of the city.

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